Jam, Marmalade & chutney

Choice of ingredients

We try to use home grown raw materials in the first instance, and all purchased ingredients are organic, preferably locally produced. In our own food growing, we are not certified organic but grow using non-toxic methods and with a focus on soil health.

Seville Orange Marmalade

The bitterness of these special oranges makes them inedible fresh, but cooked in the traditional way with sugar they become a wonderfully bitter-sweet marmalade.

Seville Oranges apparently originated from Asia, but have been grown in Spain since the 900 AD, as they grow in and around Seville in southern Spain. It is said that the traditional British Seville orange marmalade was first cooked sometime in the 1700s, after a Spanish ship full of Seville oranges was damaged in a storm and had to dock in Dundee in Scotland, where the oranges were made into marmalade.

We make our Seville orange marmalade using traditional methods in small batches. It’s of course lovely on toast, but also a festive twist to bread and butter pudding.

Spiced Pear Butter

We started making this when we had a glutton of ripe pears and needed a way to preserve them. It turned into this warm spicy yummy buttery pear jam. Although we made lots that year, it disappeared quickly. So it has become a bit of a favourite autumn/winter product for us.

In the future we hope to use our own pears, but until then we purchase KRAV (Swedish standard organic) pears and other ingredients.

Preserved salted lemons

Made from organic ingredients using traditional Moroccan methods, this is an amazing substitute for fresh lemon but without the acid taste.  Simply cut off a small chunk of the rind, chop up fine and add to sauces, stews, salads and fish dishes.