Welcome to practice yoga in nature at The Kitchen Garden. Yoga exercises in tune with the breath, with mindfulness and yoga philosophy. Yoga as a pause, a chance to reconnect inwards, a tool to bring into daily life. 

You can bring your own yoga mat but there are also mats to borrow. Depending on the weather, we may practice yoga under our canvas tent or under the open sky. Wear comfortable clothing. You don't need any prior experience of practising yoga. Come as you are!


More about the different yoga practices:

Gentle hatha yoga - based on traditional hatha yoga, with an individualised approach. A focus on the breath, mindfulness and dynamic movement followed by relaxation. Guidance usually held in English.

Yin yoga - focused on relaxation of muscles and holding positions for a longer time (several minutes). Practising relaxation, mindfulness and acceptance. 

Teen yoga - a yoga class adapted for young people aged 12 to 16 years. An opportunity to explore the breath, yoga positions and relaxation. Time to just be, here and now. 

Yoga stories - yoga for children 4-11 years (divided into two age groups 4-7 years and 8-11 years). Yoga and mindfulness through story telling.