2022 at The Kitchen Garden

Here is an overview on what's on offer this year including activities and experiences to do with food, growing, crafts and yoga as well as our pruning and apple-pressing services. 

Our little shop is open regularly during the season and can be found on Örtagårdsvägen (self service & payment by Swish).

The Kitchen Garden is an active productive little farm with many tasks and few hands. Unfortunately this means we lack the capacity to receive visits outside of our bookable activities and planned events. 

Feel free to take a look in our webshop för att läsa mer om olika evenemang och boka din plats. Vissa aktiviteter där inget datum sats kan du anmäla ditt intresse (ej bindande och kostnadsfritt). Du kan även vid intresseanmälan ange önskemål om veckodag/datum/tid på året osv – vi försöker anpassa oss till efterfrågan. 

Experiences & knowledge

ODLA MED JORDEN – vi brinner för hållbara odlingsmetoder som ger näringsrik och smakrik mat med hänsyn till helheten i ekosystemet. Vill du lära dig grunderna och komma igång med odling, kan du nu gå vår grundkurs. 

GARDEN FOOD – härodlad & lagad mat i säsong med aktivitet t ex: Familjeträdgårdsträff; Lappa & laga syjunta; Täljträff

FARM DAY - a retreat day for body & mind

Food & drink

HARVEST, COOK, EAT - Welcome to this holistic food experience in the green. For anyone with an interest in the source of their food or wanting inspiration for the seasonal kitchen. The session will start with a short tour around the garden. Then we harvest and cook food outdoors before enjoying the seasons flavours in the garden.



We offer hatha yoga, yin yoga, story yoga for children and teenage yoga in the green. A chance to stop, pause, gather energy and reconnect to the breath, here and now. 


PRUNING of apple trees - Please email us on info@thekitchengarden.se if interested.

Investering: 650 kr/tim (325 kr med RUT-avdrag). Min 1 tim. Framkörning (från The Kitchen Garden) 300 kr/tim. Vid bortforsling av grönt material, kan kostnad tillkomma. Priser inkl moms. 

APPLE PRESSING - from the beginning of September - find out more HERE


Private groups


Are you looking for a nature-based experience, meal or team activity with family, friends or colleagues? Are you a group wanting to meet up for a book club, wreath-binding etc? We offer bookable space in the garden with or without extras. We can put together a picnic basket, tapas or a three-course meal. Other options include a guided tour in the garden or focused workshops. If you have an image of what you would like, just ask. Get in touch with us on info@thekitchengarden.se


The shop

In our little self-service shop on ÖRTAGÅRDSVÄGEN you can find seasonal vegetables, preserves and other goodies. For opening times see HERE

Sometimes we offer a Vegetable bag of the week, for pre-booking and other bookable special products. These can be found in our web shop under "Products".

On the go & volunteer opportunities

This year we have several projects on the go involving soil health, eco-diversity and planting of perennial plants and trees. If you are interested in how we work you can of course book a spot on one of our activities in the garden. Sometimes we also offer volunteer opportunities. Please send us an email to info@thekitchengarden.se if you are interested.