We work across disciplines with natural ecosystems at the heart of what we do. Our aim is to make the science of soil health more accessible and relevant to every day life, while considering both details and a holistic perspective. 

Our interests span from, the microscopic life in the soil, to the role of food on health, as well as mindset and well-being, planetary health and how people, both individually and collectively, can contribute to positive change on multiple levels. 

Courses & Workshops

photo by lindatengvall.se

We have a collective responsibility to look after the natural world and contribute to a better future. The focus of our courses is to empower individuals to make positive changes on a personal and collective level, through knowledge, mindset and practical guidance. We aim to make important concepts within soil health, human health and planetary health accessible and relevant to everyday life and to demonstrate the connections between these seemingly different aspects of health and wellbeing. 

Self-paced online courses - COMING SOON! An accessible and flexible way to gain new perspectives, knowledge and practical tips. Short lessons are provided in different formats (listen, watch, read), with the aim of fitting easily into daily life. Within our courses we include evidence-based knowledge and exercises for mindset and reflection. 

Physical & online live courses & workshops - we can offer physical courses in your growing space with a variety of focus areas within soil health, growing, food and their connections to planetary and human health. We can also arrange live online courses.



We offer craft-made products with carefully chosen ingredients. 

Craft cider - produced with just fruit and wild yeasts, this traditional English cider goes by the name of Norman Cider. You can now find three of our small-scale cider batches at Unda Camping & Resort in Uddevalla. 

Apple juice – vår must är ofiltrerad och gjord på 100% äpple, varsamt pastöriserad i glasflaskor. I år säljer vi endast must till återförsäljare. Hör av dig till oss om du vill erbjuda vår äppelmust i ditt sortiment! 

Please note, at the moment we cannot supply vegetables and other fresh produce. 



Gardening services

We offer whole fruit tree care, including advice and pruning. At the moment we do not have the possibility to take care of your excess fruit, but hope to be able to offer this again in the near future. 

We can also sometimes (time allowing!) offer other gardening services on request. 


We can offer lectures online or at your site. 



We believe in the power of the collective for positive change and are always open for different collaborative opportunities. Please get in touch if you want to work with us! 



073 263 4683 – George

073 263 9285 – Alice

A short film by Falkenbergs Skafferi made in September 2020: