Rosehip picking

When we lived in London, we still picked quite a lot in the wild. If you haven’t lived there, it’s easy to think that there isn’t much green space, but in fact there are some pretty big and wild ones. Among others Walthamstow and Hackney Marshes, where we spent a lot of time on bicycle and on foot picking blackberries, rosehips, sloeberries, elderflower and more.

A couple of days ago we picked rosehips by the coast just south of Falkenberg and it was a completely different experience with salty autumn winds and a lot of sand. But just as fun and satisfying.

We’ve made whole rosehip powder (extra nutritious and vitamin C rich) to be added to porridge and bread as well as to make rosehip soup for winter, and also some rosehip syrup. We’ve also brought in some of the winter squash. Below you can see a few Uchiki kuri, a wonderfully good winter squash that stores well and keeps its flavour.